The Action Plan To Improve Adolescent Health in Kenya

Close to 3 million of adolescents lack access to essential healthcare. Improvement of access to safe, quality and affordable healthcare services for Kenyan adolescents is paramount. At Healthy Young, we are confident that this can be achieved through:

  • Raising awareness about healthcare challenges faced by Kenyan adolescents
  • Setting up adolescent-friendly clinics and mobile-healthcare units
  • Implement school programs and peer support networks
  • Collaborative efforts with NGO’s and the Government to improve policies

Of great concern is that over 50% of Kenyan youth have not received comprehensive sexual education. According to Kenya Demographic and Health Survey (KDHS), in January 2022, almost half of Kenyan adolescents aged 15-17 years do not know how to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. To address this concern we can:

  • Raising public awareness about the importance of sexual education
  • Developing a standardized curriculum and training educators
  • Integrating sexual education into school curricula
  • Educating parents and involving the community
  • Advocate for sexual education in national education policies

According to the World Health Organization, suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15 – 29 year old globally. WHO estimates that up to 7000 suicides are reported in Kenya. In an effort to address the rising adolescent mental health issues we can:

  • Conduct meantal heath awareness campaigns
  • Integrate mental health education into curriculum
  • Establish in-school counselling services
  • Provide anonymous 24/7 support hotlines/helplines
  • Create spaces for shared experiences and support groups

Healthy Young endeavors to empower the youth with information concerning their health, relationships, diet, exercise and overall wellbeing to enable the youth have a solid foundation for making informed and responsible decisions regarding their lives. Follow us to learn more about how to better your health.

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